Wednesday, September 7, 2022

News to Announce

Newest news!

When Legends Rise has won the 2023 Firebird Book Award in two categories: Christian Fiction and Speculative Fiction.



I won The Windows into the Mulitverse contest in Clean Fiction Magazine. This time in the Contemporary Romance genre.

You will be able to read "The Cherry Trees" in the winter 2022 edition of Clean Fiction Magazine.



On July 26, 2022, When Legends Rise, was released. This is the first science fiction novel I had written, and it will now become a trilogy (with prequel book or short story). So far it has received high remarks and garnered a few 5-star reviews.


If you have read When Legends Rise, please leave a comment or review at one of the retailers or Goodreads or BookBub. Reviews do help!

In other news, my short story a.k.a. micro-fiction, "The Parting Glass", won the Clean Fiction Magazine Windows Into the Multiverse contest. It is featured in the Autumn 2022 edition of Clean Fiction Magazine.


"The Parting Glass" was my first micro-fiction and I have to say, I am addicted to writing that now! It's a great way to jump-start my writing day. I guess my high school teacher, Mr. Kilpatrick, knew what he was doing when he had us do short writing exercises!

I'm busily working on the second book, What Legends Become. Below is a character representation chart of the protagonists. If you haven't already, follow me on social media. I share news, tidbits, books I've read, and a lot of other things. I would love to connect with you!